iNNOVATE22 Leadership Team

Magnets, wind, light and machines! Prepare to be inspired by the master himself.

da Vinci's Corner

General discription:



Areas of Focus:

  1. DaVinci’s Secret Machines
  • Paper Airplanes (Lani)
    • YouTube: World Record
    • Build Own & Record Flight (Use of iPads)
    • Books on Airplane Models
    • Flight Simulator
    • Reno Air Races
    • Measurement (Standard vs. metric)
  • Simple Machines (Ginger)
    • Gears
    • iPhone/iPad apps
    • Trajectory
    • Library books
  • Trebuchet (Cathy)
    • Great Pumpkin Toss
    • Myth Busters
    • iPhone/iPad apps
  • Light & Magnets (Terry & Peggy)
    • Museum Box

Ideas Mentioned to Incorporate with Room:

  1. QR Codes
    • DaVinci as an artist and scientist
      • Things he has inspired to this day
  1. Hot Air Balloons
  2. Experiments with vinegar/baking soda
  3. Resources = Apps, Videos, Books/ebooks, etc.
  4. Film the release of the hot air balloons at the museum


Suggestions from Terry Randolph

Da Vinci Related Websites Inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci


howstuffworks Top 10 Leonardo da Vinci Inventions


Leonardo’s Workshop- Library of Congress Teacher’s Guide PDF


Art Videos for Kids: Da Vinci "Getting to Know... Da Vinci"


Museum of Science- Inventor’s Workshop, Inventor’s Toolbox, Leonardo’s Mysterious Machine

(Good website- My 6th grade nephew approved)


Leonardo Da Vinci’s Inventions


Brain Pop


Leonardo Da Vinci for kids



Tumble Books

                Art’s Supplies

                Clevor Trevor

                Duck! Rabbit!


                The Dot

                When Pigasso Met Mootisse


I Pad Apps

Da Vinci’s Secret Machines (Great!  My 6th grade nephew loved it as much as I do)

Da Vinci Museum – (frustrating with lots of popups that are easily opened)