iNNOVATE22 Leadership Team

Come experience the digitally enhanced Nevada Stories Room through the eyes of a Native American, Pioneer, Cowboy, Basque Sheepherder, Miner and a Railroader.

Nevada Stories Room

General discription:



  1. Students will choose a topic then implement a DIGITAL STORYTELLING to explain their perspective.  VoiceThread is a online software that allows you to create dynamic conversations, Smart Phones to record voice memo or video, Green Screen used for the background of the stories we are telling, Apps for digital storytelling:  Story Kit, Idea Sketch, SonicsPics this one is really cool, for iphone, ipad as you can make a podcast choose a titlle, pictures and then record a narrative, save and playback.  The site has a nice example., Photo Pad I downloaded this and it is called iLivid.  It is a video downloader, you can even download videos to use from UTube!, iTalk Recorder this is another recording devise for i products, Evernote this one is really cool.  Works on any computer or device.  There is a good video once you download the program, we should take a look at it., Storyrobe this is another i app. 
  2. Students will create an individual, team, class or school brand using a POWERPOINT or other DESIGN PROGRAM  to represent their motto using the ranching exhibit as the guide:;                                                to learn how to read a brand; which is NV Brand Trivia.
  3. Students will develop "Then and Now" Nevada analogies, games or interactive experiences from the Nevada Stories Room such as Mining from pick axe to drill,  Communication from morse code to texting, Gold panning to leeching, UNR college of AG to augment ag history of NV.  Mindcraft to place blocks to build available at the app store in i or d, ways to mine and collect gold, www.ranchconcepts./faq/faq.htm support tools for everyday ranchers; native american culture; Center for Basque Studies at UNR (d only). 
  4. Students will develop a timeline using the Nevada Timeline wall paired with a Timeline Technology, across NV History or within an indivdual topic such as Jedidiah Smith or Squaw Valley Record Snowfall such as Timetoast,  Museum Box, Capzles, Dipity, create a future timeline by projecting NV outcomes into future history

Timeline Display

1500 Cartography

1846 Wagon Train

1850 Mining Technology

1857 Stagecoach

1860 Pony Express

1861 Telegraph, Morse Code Math Conversion Speed, Bandwidth, Etc

Irrigation ditches established

1868 Railroad

1869 Gaming Legalized

1873 Comstock Water System

1878 1st NV Telephone

1901 1st NV Automobile

1928 Ichy Fossils

1950 Nevada Test Site and Atomic Energy:  Sim City, building cities

1985 Cowboy Poetry

1996 Topgun

Wildhorses: Helicopter round up, science of rodeo: NBC learning, web 2.0

Map analysis resources, mining population

  • The Nevada Stories Room will host a Moodle page (introduce our room, etc) on July 9th.)