Introduce yourself to and get to know your fellow classmates! Tell us something about your role, your background, your reasons for taking this course/program, and something that has nothing to do with your job.  Click on Add a New Discussion Topic. Use your first and last name in the subject line, such as, ‘Sally Sue Benson’s Intro’, then type and submit your introduction. As others in the class submit introductions, read their introductions to learn more about your classmates and make at least two meaningful replies to other introductions.

A key ingredient for success in this online course is full participation in the weekly discussion. The general rule - Post Early and Post Often! The weekly (or longer) discussion takes place over the entire week. Each participant needs to start an original thread and reply to at least two other postings. The original thread should be posted early in the week so classmates have an opportunity to read and respond to your thoughts and concepts.

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