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Nevada Senate Bill 345 Creates an Advisory Council on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
by Terra Graves (Moodle Admin) - Wednesday, April 3, 2013, 8:25 PM
Nevada STEM Coalition News
March 2013 Issue #2
Nevada Senate Bill 345 Creates an Advisory Council on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics 
The Coalition is very pleased to announce that Senate Bill 345 has been submitted, creating the Advisory Council on Science, Technology, Engineering andf Mathematics.  (BDR S-700).  It is sponsored by Senators Woodhouse, Parks, Ford, Denis, Smith; Jones, Kihuen, Manendo, Segerblom and Spearman.   It is jointly sponsored by Assemblywomen Dondero Loop and Swank.
There will be another committee hearing on April 8; time not yet determined but likely 3:30 pm or later.  If you would like to give a minute or so  of testimony in support of the bill, please come!
The council is charged to "develop a strategic plan for the the development of educational resources in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics to serve as a foundation for workforce development, college preparedness and economic development in this state."
It must develop a plan to identify and reward pupils and 15 schools that demonstrate exemplary performance in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  The council will also conduct a state and national survey of STEM programs and make recommendations for implementation of such programs by Nevada's public schools.   Read more at
Nevada STEM Coalition Publishes Our 2013 Strategic Plan
A representative team of our stakeholders met in November in two sessions to create a strategic plan for 2013 using the results of the STEM Summit. Many, many thanks to all who were able to attend and who submitted feedback on the process. The board of Gathering Genius, Inc. will continue fiscal responsibility and leadership for STEM Coalition sponsored initiatives and build our membership.
Our ambitious plan for this year focuses on developing an extended STEM communications network that facilitates 1) educator communications, sharing and support; 2) connecting educators and STEM experts and programs, 3) building community and teacher awareness and use of all the wonderful informal and nonformal STEM opportunities for youth and families, and 4) marketing and messaging to start the process of a culture change in our state.
We know that not all students want a career in science, technology, engineering or mathematics, but the 21st century STEM skills required in the new Common Core reading, and math as well as the Next Generation Science standards build student skills for college success and for competing for higher paying jobs.
A huge THANK YOU to all stakeholders who attended meetings/workshops and provided expertise and insights into what Nevada needs to create a strong STEM agenda that builds college and career ready students.
 Calling All Volunteers to Build our Network!
We have a number of committees working on our 2013 goals--would you like to help design projects so that we can raise funds to hire the staff we need to implement?  Call 775-225-4411 or email g2nvstem@gmail.com
  • Website revision/design
  • Certificate courses for informal STEM education resources and building our informal STEM ed resources on our website
  • Building rubrics for exemplary STEM classroom practices
  • Branding and marketing for state culture change
  • STEM teacher mentor searchable database for network website
  • STEM expert mentors/speakers and STEM programming database for network website
 Nevada STEM education is on the move!