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  • Welcome to the iNNOVATE22 Collaborative Community

    iNNOVATE22 LogoiNNOVATE22 makes clear a vision for technology integration that enhances instruction and educational outcomes through professional development, professional learning groups and community events. The leadership team builds the capacity of its membership to be leaders, change agents and innovators for technology and instruction.  It is through this work that we are able to demonstrate the innovative use of technology and how it will revolutionize the way we educate young minds to navigate their rapidly-changing and complex futures.

    A vision for iNNOVATE22
    1. Make clear a vision for technology integration that enhances instruction and educational outcomes.
    2. Support the iNNOVATE22 Leadership Team to be change agents and innovators for technology and instruction and connect them with extended learning and networking opportunities through CUE-NV.
    3. Promote the vision through location-specific Tech Café events for educators, students, parents and community members (P-20).
    If you are here as a member, please sign-in to be able to access all posts, discussions and resources. If you are here as a guest, enjoy browsing the space. If you like what you see and want to join in, contact Mike Martindale for full access.

    Cross the Bridge. Be Cutting Edge
  • 2012 Technology Cafe @ the Discovery

    Previous Tech Café events have been effective in increasing participants’ knowledge of Tech Cafe Logoexisting and emerging technology and how to use them to enhance, extend and personalize learning. However, to move the vision for technology-enhanced, hands-on, project-based, 21st Century learning forward, it is imperative that the Tech Café shift its focus from show-and-tell events toward content-rich, technology integration experiences that make clear the impact technology can have on learning. Informing educators, students, parents and community members about new and existing technologies will remain a key element of the Tech Café. The difference going forward, will be that participants will learn about technology through prepared integration activities that extend their Tech Café @ The Discovery learning experiences. 

    Our vision for the new Tech Café is unique and is a departure from our traditional one-night event. We would maintain an introduction experience, but provide opportunities for a return visit to The Discovery for educators and their classes. The introductory event would showcase all of The Discovery and introduce participants to technology-enhanced activities that build upon targeted activities in The Discovery. Before, during or after their return visit to the museum, the teacher will choose one of the technology-enhanced activities that guide them through additional resources and culminate in a summative, hands-on project that integrates Common Core State Standards and 21st Century Skills. These projects would then be showcased.

  • Meeting Agenda, Resources & Notes

    In order to keep us all in the loop, we will post meeting agenda, resources and notes for your reference. Miss a meeting? Not a problem - catch-up here.

    Want to attend a meeting? Here is a tentative schedule:

    • March 5th - The Nevada Discovery Museum
    • April 2nd - Matley Lane Training Facility
    • May 7th - The Nevada Discovery Museum
    • June 4th - Matley Lane Training Facility


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