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  • Dialogue Discussion Questions

    For each reading assignment, use the prompt to produce a one page response and respond to two others.  Use the rubric provided for dialogue discussions on MOODLE.  Peer responses need to be specific to the discussions chosen – “good job” – “way to go” are not acceptable responses. Your peer response needs to be at least one-half of a page in length with your connections, agree or disagree, or questions. Both dialogue discussions and responses need to be supported by evidence from the textbook, class discussion, or other source (please cite all evidence that comes from published materials). See schedule and calendar for due dates.

    Worth 90 points (3 questions worth 30 each)

  • Cultural and Linguistic Autobiography

     Assignment Objectives:

    • Identify and evaluate relevant cultural and linguistic experiences that influence individual educators
    • Define existing skills that can be used to advantage with regard to working with ELLs
    • Define your current challenges with regard to working with ELLs

    You will:  Develop a 3-5  page paper based on your own cultural and linguistic experiences.

    • No external sources required, but feel free to include them (APA format required regardless)
    • Draw substantive conclusions about your own experiences as they apply to your work as an educator
    • See rubric for exact expectations (worth 100 points)
    • Due December 19th


  • Theorists Comparison

    Assignment Objectives:

    • Research two well-known theorists on language acquisition such as Krashen and Cummins (or any others you wish to research) and gain an understanding of their theory of language acquisition
    • Compare and contrast the two theories chosen

     You will:  Develop a 2-3 page paper comparing and contrasting the two theories researched

    • Draw substantive conclusions about the theories researched
    • Summarize theories researched
    • Compare and contrast theories researched
    • Use APA format
    • See rubric for exact expectations (worth 50 points)
    • Due December 5th
  • Ethnic Group Project

    Assignment Objectives:

    • Investigate the geographical, socio/political, educational, economic and linguistic challenges that are often faced by a specific ethnic or cultural group in the United States.  (For the purposes of this assignment, we will focus on groups that have intentionally emigrated from other countries.)
    • Present findings as a framework for teachers to use when considering the educational needs of their students.

    You will:

    • Work with 3-4 partners
    • Develop a 15-minute presentation that includes
    • a visual component (PowerPoint, poster, video, etc.)
    • a participatory or interactive component (discussion, First Turn/Last Turn, Think/Pair/Share, etc.)
    • a 1-page (may be double-sided) handout for participants containing key information
    • contributions by each team member

         Submit to the instructor

    • a completed cover page
    • a list of group members with a description of each person’s contribution to the project
    • an outline or other printout (e.g. PowerPoint slides page) of key components
    • a separate References page (in APA format)
    • See rubric for exact expectations (worth 100 points)
    • Due in class on January 23rd


  • Theory of Second Language Acquisition Research Paper

    Assignment Objective: 

    • Synthesize and evaluate learned second language acquisition (SLA) theory and apply to real life scenarios of second language learning.

    You will:

    Develop your own theory of second language acquisition based on class readings and activities, interviews with two second language learners, and your own research.  Ideally, your paper should be applicable to the subject area or grade level that you currently (or aspire to) teach.

    • Conduct 2 interviews.  Use course readings and activities to create a list of questions that will put your interview subject at ease and probe their assessment of their language learning, such as, “How old were you when you started studying ______?”  “What was difficult about learning _______?”  Do not turn in copies of your questions – they should be evident in the content of your essay.  Use only the subjects’ first names and last initials if named in the essay.
    • Research sources must go beyond the course textbooks, and must come from peer-reviewed scholarly journals or other academic literature.  Textbooks may be cited in addition to these sources.
    • The paper should be in APA format with a minimum of 5 sources cited (2 interviews + 3 academic sources).
    • Paper should be 3-5 pages in length
    • See rubric for exact expectations (worth 100 points)
    • Due on January 30th
  • Attendance

    Absence and Tardy Policy

    Students must attend all classes in order to receive full credit. Arriving late or leaving early will also result in a lowering of attendance points that may affect your overall grade.  We attend only seven face to face classes and it is imperative that you arrange your schedules to meet the attendance expectations. A phone call or email to give instructors prior notice is suggested.  Each class is worth 10 points for attendance.  Half of those points may be made up if personally requested by the student and at the discretion of the instructor.

  • Course Information

    Class Location: Marvin Moss Elementary, 2200 Primio Way, SparksNV 89509                                                                               

    Class Dates and Time: Thursdays, 4:00–7:00 pm:  21 face-to-face hours on November 14, 21, December 5, 12, 19, January 16, 23

    MOODLE Expectations: 24 individual hours

  • Textbooks

    Required Textbooks

    Cook, V. (2008). Second language learning and language teaching. (4th edition)   London: Oxford University Press. ISBN: 0 340 76192X


    Zweirs, J. (2008). Building academic language: Essential practices for content classrooms. Newark: Jossey-Bass. ISBN: 978 0 7879 8761 9


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