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  • Activboard QuickStart Essentials: An Introduction

    Welcome to Activboard QuickStart Essentials!

    A little Activboard with the WCSD logo.

    This course is intended to help you through the initial setup of your Activboard, give you a couple of entry points to start using the technology and a few tips on making your board an interactive and engaging instructional tool from Day 1! 

    Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3! You do not need to follow go through the topics in any order. Click around and investigate course materials based on your interest or need. The goal is to get you using the board as soon as possible. The more experience you have before attending formal training the better. If you are ready for more information and additional training, click here to sign up for the next available Activboard Core Essentials or Activboard Intermediate - Engaging the 21st Century Learner training. If you are ready for more self-exporation, click here to browse additional resources.interactive and engaging instructional tool from Day 1!

    You may already have the ActivInspire software loaded on your computer, but it is a possibility that you may not. Check to see if you have it loaded before you begin. If you don't, here is more information on the software installation process.

    If there is something that you were expecting, that you did not get from this course or any of the related material, please contact ActivTrainer Support.

  • Topic 1

    Outcomes & Time Commitment

    Intended outcomes: By the end of this online, self-paced course, you will . . .Goal Keyboard

    1. know how to connect and calibrate your Activboard.
    2. be familiar with the software basics.
    3. understand simple entry points for daily innovative use.
    4. be connected to resources to assist you in getting started with the technology.
    5. utilize a range of digital resources to build innovating and engaging lessons

    We would like to move you though the content quickly while maximizing your learning. Based on your individual needs, you may need to dig deeper into a topic and spend more time in one area versus another. This self-paced course covers topics that are included in the Activboard Core Essentials course. In order for you to plan your time and personal commitment, we usually cover this content in 5-6 hours during the course. It could take you that long or longer to completely explore the resources included in this QuickStart course.

  • Connecting!

    The first step is getting you connected (don't necessarily think that this is done for you)!

    The resources below are intended to get all your equipment connected and ready to go.  This section will cover:

    A little Activboard with the WCSD logo.
    1. The computer
    2. DVD/VCR
    3. The speakers (attached to the board, not Audio Enhancement)
    4. And other peripheral devices (iPod, boombox/stereo)

    If you are all set-up, great!  Skip ahead to the next section. NOTE: It might be a good idea to review this section if you are experiencing trouble or need a refresher. Click here for additional information about connections and troubleshooting guides.

  • Calibrating!

    Now that you are all connected, let's calibrate . . .Calibration Activboard

    Calibration is the process to align your virtual point (the cursor you see on the Activboard) with your physical point (the pen). If you have a mounted projector or all-in-one board, you should not have to calibrate frequently. You should only have to calibrate if you have switched computers. If you have to calibrate frequently, this could indicate that you need to update your driver. Updting drivers can also fix issues related to frequent calibration, unresponsive or spiking pens. Click here for more information on updating software and drivers.

    • URL Video: Calibrating Your Activboard. URL
    • URL Handout: Calibrating your Activboard handout. URL
    • URL Diagram: Getting Activboard Help URL
  • Now What!

    Once you are all connected and ready to go, the hard work really begins!  This section - the longest and most important - has three main objectives to help you move toward deveoping innovative practices with this technology:

    1. Help you get started with the basic tools.
    2. Show you how to use existing resources innovatively.
    3. Connect you to additional interactive resources.
    • Page The Basic Tools Page
    • Page Existing Resources - Just More Innovative Page
    • Page Beg, Borrow & Steal (kinda, but not really . . .) Page
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