• This forum will initially be targeted for the 20 schools that will be participating in SBAC's pilot test for the Common Core. We will provide information on the test and processes. In addition, this course will provide a forum for the particpating schools to discuss their experiences with this test. Finally, This course will provide a means for the Assessment Department to gather data on the issues surrounding the adminsitration of this test.

    Self enrollment: SBAC User Group
  • This forum will be used for staff and coaches that have participated in the Assessment Department's Formative Assessment training. Within this forum staff will have a location to download training materials and the ability to collabnorate with others that are implementing the cmponents of formative assessment.

    Self enrollment: Formative Assessment User Group
  • Here is the objective of DRA/Kidwatching Online

    Self enrollment: DRA2 and Kidwatching